What’s in Season – Apples

Nothing compares to the first bite of a crisp, juicy, in-season apple. And when it comes from local orchards by regional farmers, it tastes even better.

It’s apple season once again at Market, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. From vibrant reds to stunning greens, the beautiful colours breathe life into the Market every autumn, and we welcome them with open arms.

With its 11 varieties, the humble apple has the power to divide us – you’re either in the camp of green apple, red apple, or you have a specific variety you’ll never stray from. So, what are the main types of apples you’ll find at Market, and what are the main distinctions between them?

Granny Smith Apple

When you pick up a green apple, it’s likely to be a Granny Smith, with a distinct sweet and tart flavour.

Fuji Apple

Originally from Japan, the Fuji Apple is one of the sweetest apples you will find, and one of the largest! These are great to include in salads or enjoy as a snack.

Gala Apple

The Gala Apple is smaller with a mild, sweet flavour. Its thin skin makes them easy to sink your teeth into.

Pink Lady Apple

The Pink Lady Apple got its name from its skin, with a pink-hue that turns darker red when exposed to sun. The taste is juicy, with a crisp texture that is slightly fizzy.

The beauty of apples lies in the fact that you can enjoy so many different flavours and textures without straying from the same fruit. There are countless ways to enjoy apples, from the cosy warmth of homemade apple pie to the refreshing crunch of an apple in an autumnal salad.

If you’re looking to pick up your favourite variety, our fruit producers at Market are the best places to go. With their inherent knowledge of production, fruit quality, and the ins and outs of seasonal availability, you’re guaranteed the freshest apple produce around. Drop by our primary apple producers Tree Tops Batlow, Thornbrook Orchard and Bonza Apples to find out more!

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