What’s in Season – Melons

What better way to enjoy the essence of summer than with delicious in-season melons? Our Market is great for melon lovers, offering an amazing variety brought in by our fruit producers. From the classic, refreshing watermelons, including the interesting yellow ones, to rockmelons and sweet honeydew, our fresh, in-season melons are the perfect summer snack.

Delving into the melon family, Cucurbitaceae, reveals a treasure trove of delicious fruits. The watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) steals the spotlight with its irresistibly juicy flesh, while the honeydew melon (Cucumis melo var. inodorus) boasts a subtle flavour. The rockmelon captivates with its mild, crisp taste. For those seeking a unique experience, specialty melons like Crenshaw and Santa Claus add distinctive dimensions to the melon family tree.

Melons can be loved in many ways, both sweet and savoury, making them super versatile. They elevate the flavour palate of salads and go fantastically with cheese and cured meats like prosciutto. Melons are also well-loved just by themselves, often cut into triangles and enjoyed as a solo snack on hot days. Due to their high water content, melons are sweet, refreshing, and beautifully juicy.

When you shop for melons at Market, you’ll discover freshness and flavours that won’t be found anywhere else. Our produce takes a direct route from local producers to our stalls, eliminating unnecessary middlemen. By supporting this farm-to-market process, you not only enjoy the crispest, juiciest melons but also contribute to the sustainability of local production lines and community.
We have a range of delicious melons right now at Market from producers including watermelons and rockmelons at Mowbray Park Produce and Harrison & Sons who also have some unique additions to the melon range such as:
• Mini watermelons – perfect for little lunch boxes
• Yellow watermelon, otherwise known as a champagne watermelon which is a great addition to fruit salads.
• Rockmelons, a great addition to ice cream or sorbet.
• Honeydews, delicious in a salad with feta, tomato and mint.
• Piel de Sapo aka Santa Claus melon, christmas melon or toad melon which has a long shelf life.
• Canary melon, which is a similar type to the Piel de Sapo melon.
• Golden emerald honeydew which is the smallest of the melon varieties but packed with flavour.

Make sure to swing by and talk to our knowledgeable producers, who are eager to enlighten you about the diverse array of melon varieties we have to offer!

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