Teacher's Pet

Georgie Barlin
3 Bennett Place Flynn Canberra, ACT 2615 Australia
3 Bennett Place Flynn Australian Capital Territory 2615 AU

What we sell:

Pet Treats – Salt & preservative free.

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More about Teacher's Pet

My Husband Ben and I are avid dog lovers and I have worked in the animal industry for the last 15 years and have specialised in rescue and behaviour.
We are incredibly excited about the opportunity to take over Teachers Pet treats.

In addition to the dried pet treats already sold at Teachers pet Treats, I will be cooking and selling ready made pet meals. The main ingredient of the ready made pet meals will be free range chicken and beef being farmed within a 50 kilometre radius of Canberra.

The new portioned pet meals will also contain local vegetables and local grain. Salt, preservative and additive free.

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