The Brathaus

Thomas Hanner
Office - 2, Kanga Place, Gordon, ACT, 2609

What we sell:

Fresh & Cooked Bratwurst Sausages, Bacon & Egg Rolls and non-alcoholic Gluhwein during winter

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More about The Brathaus

Our family migrated to Australia in the early 90’s from the Black Forest in Germany.

We have been making bratwurst for generations and pride ourselves with producing the tastiest bratwurst varieties. With the support of our friends and family The Brathaus was founded in 2011. We specialises in gourmet bratwurst from around the world.

Each bratwurst that we produce is made from the finest cuts of fresh, free-range meat. We support the Canberra region farmers by sourcing all our ingredients locally. We only use natural skins and all of our products are free of artificial preservatives, flavours and are gluten and offal free. Our products are great for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They can be baked in the oven, barbequed or simply fried in the pan. No matter how you prepare them, you will have a mouth-watering experience and the taste will leave you longing for more!!

Our products are available at the Capital Region Farmers Markets and are sold cooked on a fresh bun with sauerkraut, or you can also take them home and cook on the BBQ.

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