What’s in season – Truffles

Truffle season has finally arrived in Canberra, and this year’s bounty is absolutely delicious. Truffles are highly aromatic, subterranean, fruit of specialised fungi growing on the roots of specific host trees. Truffles have a rich, earthy flavour that pairs well with a variety of ingredients and dishes such as pasta, eggs, cheeses, meats and so much more. 

According to the Australian Truffle Industry Association, truffles are grown so successfully across many regions of Australia thanks to our suitable climate and soil which are crucial elements. In fact, Australia is now the fourth largest producer of truffles globally, behind Spain, France, and Italy.

Growing truffles is a meticulous process that requires time and careful attention to create perfect conditions for these delicacies to thrive.

In Australia, truffles grow well in specific types of soil meaning truffle farmers will set up their farms in locations with alkaline soils that drain well and maintain ideal moisture levels. To first establish a truffle farm, farmers introduce truffle spores or young trees already infected with truffle fungus into the soil.

Trees such as Oak and Hazelnut are then planted in carefully prepared soil. These trees act as hosts for the truffle fungus, exchanging sugars through their roots. In return, the fungus aids the trees in absorbing water and nutrients more efficiently.

Truffle orchards also need regular attention. Farmers need to make sure the trees get enough water, and monitor carefully for any pests or diseases that might harm the trees or the truffles. Patience is key as it can take a few years for truffles to mature and be ready for their first harvest. In Australia, the exciting part happens around this time in early winter when farmers can start harvesting their truffles.

We are lucky enough to have three amazing truffle producers at Market including La Truffiere, Turalla Truffles and Terra Preta Truffles. Make sure you stop by and check out all of their incredible truffle products.

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