Canowindra Farm

Amie Dolden
191 Troopers Rd Canowindra NSW 2804 Australia
191 Troopers Road Canowindra New South Wales 2804 AU

What we sell:

Whole singular prepared chicken cryovaced ready for cooking
Whole singular prepared chicken cryovaced presented as a “ready to cook” pack complete with Pepe Saya butter and Thyme sprigs

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More about Canowindra Farm

Canowindra Farms From our farm to your family. As parents to three young girls, it’s always been important to us to know exactly what we are feeding our family. That’s how Canowindra Farms began. Located on 900 acres just outside of Canowindra in the NSW Central West, our chickens are pasture raised, sunlight to sundown. In the spirit of being a true pasture-raised farm, all our produce is ethically raised, sustainable, and free of any nasty chemicals or pesticides. We are all about viewing our animals in their natural environment and mimicking that as closely as we possibly can commercially. Not only does this help regenerate the soil and bring back the pasture growth, but it simply tastes better. Our goal is to make wholesome, tasty, pasture-raised chicken accessible to everyone

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