Deda's Smokehouse

Bill Stojanovic
167/98 Corinna St Phillip, ACT 2606 Australia
98 Corinna Street Phillip Australian Capital Territory 2606 AU

What we sell:

Handmade artisan small goods made with love using family recipes passed through the generation. Our meats are cured and fermented, not requiring refrigeration. The majority are made using natural casings and they are different to what is available in the marketplace.

Following is a list we produce but all of them will not be available at one time. This is due to seasonal production.

Summer Salami
Uncle Tony Salami
Truffle Salami
Fennel & Garlic Salami
Cacciatore Salami
Spreadable Salami
Wild Boar Salami
Speck / Pancetta
Pork Neck; smoked or air-dried
Prosciutto; pork & beef
Čvarci / Pork Crisps

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More about Deda's Smokehouse

We come from a European background where our parents lived of the land. All food was grown or produced as there were no supermarkets or refrigeration, preservation of certain food was vital as this would feed the family for the following year.
When we immigrated to Australia our parents and other family members continued with creating food they have previously.  As children, it was natural for us to get involved and get taught the art of making small goods.

As the next generation, we want to preserve our culture and keep the art alive. The marketplace is where we created Cibo Kitchen
which is home to Deda’s Smokehouse and Burek Bakery, Family-run business conveniently located at bottom of sky plaza apartments in Woden Town Centre, Canberra. Our produce is heavily influenced by our European heritage and the food we grew up with.

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