Greenhill Farm

Sue Armstrong & Greg Oliver
'Greenhill Farm' - 95 Greenhill Lane, Bungendore, NSW, 2621

What we sell:

Biodynamic Beef products.

Biodynamic Beef products.

Seasonal vegetables which may include:
Brussel Sprouts,
English Spinach,
Lettuces (many varieties),
Mesclun Salad,
Peas (Snap, snow & Green),
Spring Onions,

In October and November, we also have:
zucchini and
pumpkin seedlings all grown in biodynamic compost.

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More about Greenhill Farm

Greenhill Farm Beef grows and supplies choice certified biodynamic beef from our pasture-fed animals direct to our customers. We manage all phases of production (from birth to butcher) to ensure our beef is tender, healthy and 100% free from artificial chemicals.

Greenhill Farm Beef supplies bulk biodynamic beef professionally prepared by a country butcher. It is put into labelled bags, each weighing approximately half to one kilogram. Quarter packs (approx 30 to 35kg) contain all the usual cuts – from fillet steaks and roasts to sausages and mince. Smaller gourmet, family and sampler packs are also available. Naturally, all sausages are free from preservatives and gluten.

Why choose Greenhill Farm Beef?

  • We do not use artificial chemicals of any kind on our animals or pasture (including fertilisers and herbicides)
  • Our animals are grazed on pasture, not grain (thus lean and high in omega 3 fatty acids)
  • We have quiet cattle and manage to minimise stress – this results in tender beef with excellent keeping qualities.
  • You can be sure that the beef your family eats is from an animal that has been born and raised on our biodynamic farm.

Why should I choose pasture-fed beef?

Beef from pasture-fed animals is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin E, beta-carotene, and conjugated linoleic acids (CLAs). It is leaner than beef produced in feedlots, with less saturated fats and fewer calories. Pasture-fed beef is also much less likely to carry harmful bacteria such as E coli 0157 and campylobacter.

What is wrong with conventional beef?

Cattle on conventional farms are routinely treated with artificial chemicals to kill internal worms and liver fluke vaccinated (increasingly with GM products), and graze paddocks that have been treated with superphosphate and chemical herbicides/pesticides. The cattle are often given hormone implants to speed up the growth of the animal. Most beef on the shelves of supermarkets and butchers is not organic, and most are from animals that have been “finished” in a feedlot.

Feedlots generally feed grain, hay and agricultural by-products that are grown using chemicals. Cattle entering feedlots are usually treated for parasites, vaccinated (often with a GM product), given a chemical rumen bolus, and injected with a hormone implant.

Cattle in feedlots are usually put into grassless pens and fed grain and by-products from the cotton and sugar industries to make them grow faster. Feedlot cattle suffer stress because they are put into a very unnatural environment, in close contact with “strangers” from other farms, and forced to stand and lie in the communal dung.

Did you know that cattle are social animals? They are happiest when they are free to choose who they socialise with. On Greenhill Farm, we only separate groups of cattle when really needed, such as weaning or joining. We often see three generations come together in the evening to graze as a tight family unit.

What is biodynamic farming?

Biodynamics produces food the way nature intended, without using artificial chemicals of any kind on the soil, pasture or animals. Farmers use a range of methods including biological activator preparations to enliven the soil and plants. Biodynamics takes all the influences on the plant into account. We try to balance these influences so that the plants can grow naturally to their full potential. The health of the animals depends on the health of the plants on which they feed – just as our health is influenced by what we eat.

Greenhill Farm is fully certified by Demeter – Australia’s premier organic/biodynamic certifying body. We apply biodynamic preparations and practices to improve our soil and pasture. Keeping our soil/pasture healthy also helps keep our animals strong and free from disease. We control parasites (and improve both soil and plants) by moving our cattle to fresh new pasture every few days.

About Greenhill Farm

Greenhill Farm is a family-owned, certified biodynamic farm at Bungendore, NSW. Sue Armstrong and Greg Oliver have been farming at Greenhill for over 20 years, and produce seasonal vegetables and 100% grass-fed beef from a farm bred, Angus-based herd.

We manage all phases of beef production – from birth to butcher – to ensure our beef is tender, healthy and 100% free from artificial chemicals. We use stress-free management, and our cattle are exceptionally quiet and content.

Like the beef, the vegetables grown on our farm are certified biodynamic. From summer vegetables such as heirloom tomatoes, zucchini, cucumber and eggplant, to winter vegetables such as carrots, potatoes and parsnips, our crops are grown all year round and include our famous strawberries.

Currently, in the garden, we are tending the garlic, digging potatoes and carrots, sowing green manure crops and getting ready for longer days and warmer weather.

Greenhill Farm has a strong focus on sustainability. In addition to our holistic farming practices, we have planted over 30 km of native tree lines, set aside two large areas for native regeneration, and significantly increased the organic content of our soil.

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