Holbrook Paddock Eggs

Sam & Prue Pincott
'Kameroo' - 412 83 Albury St, Holbrook NSW 2644, Australia

What we sell:

Free Range Eggs

Take-Home Bacon/Egg Pies & Quiches

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More about Holbrook Paddock Eggs

Holbrook Paddock Eggs is owned and operated by Sam and Prue Pincott  and their four daughters, Amelia, Annabel, Abigail and Arabella.

At Holbrook Paddock Eggs the hens are managed under a portable free range system, whereby they have constant access to fresh pasture and all sorts of  worms and insects. Their portable sheds are moved at least weekly to ensure their well balanced diet is constantly replenished. In the meantime their natural behaviour is providing a valuable fertiliser for the property without any artificial intervention. Freshness is paramount at Holbrook Paddock Eggs, more often than not, the eggs being sold at the Saturday market where laid the day before.

In 2014 and 2015 Holbrook Paddocks Eggs won a GOLD medal and CHAMPION Free Range Egg at the prestigious Royal Melbourne Fine Foods Awards.

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