We’re feeling the love

instagrammer inexplicablewanderlust with a coffee and pastry at the Capital Region Farmers Market, CanberraA huge thank you to all of our valued customers who took part in our Customer Survey late last year. In late 2015, we conducted a customer survey over a seven week period during August- September and we were thrilled that close to 500 market-goers completed the survey. The results are in and we are really feeling the love.

It seems the main reasons you love us are being able to buy direct from the grower, the quality and shelf life of produce, supporting local business and value for money.  Interestingly the survey showed a slight change in demographic to a younger crowd, and families showed they love us making the Market a regular weekly outing for them and their children. With many survey respondents citing the Market as the highlight of their week, we’re going to ensure we take note of feedback by continuing to provide value for money produce, maintaining a high quality of produce and improving things like signage on individual stalls.

Thanks again to all of our valued customers, you really do help make the Market what it is today.

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