Produce with Purpose – Funding Community Projects

Did you know that stallholders’ fees are used to help fund community projects? The Capital Region Farmer’s Market is operated by the Rotary Club of Hall (RCH) and over the 20 years of Capital Region Farmers Market, RCH has contributed close to $4 million towards a range of community projects.

One recent example is the refurbishment of a caravan for use as short term accommodation for people in dire need on the South Coast.

The RCH received a donation of a disused caravan and members then set about the refurbishment. A significant amount of work was put into the project including ridding the van of ants, waterproofing the exterior, checking the wiring, refurbishing the fridge and cooker, fixing the tyres, brakes and towing setup, replacing the curtains, bed, benchtops and internal lining, giving the outside a good clean, and finally updating the linen and cooking utensils. Once the work was completed in April, the caravan was delivered to the Social Justice Advocates of the Sapphire Coast. The van has been in use from the night it was delivered.

This marks the RCH’s second successful van refurbishment and there is a growing demand for more. If you’re aware of a disused caravan that could be donated to the RCH, please reach out through their website. Our dedicated volunteers are eager to transform it into a temporary home for someone in urgent need.

At Market, our commitment to quality produce and direct producer connections has been pivotal to our enduring success. With stallholder fees going towards supporting community projects like this one, we are proud to continue to make a positive contribution.

By supporting us at Market, you can help support so many more. If you are interested in finding out more and seeing how you can support the RCH, check out their website.

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