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NEW: Paddy the Baker and Matty’s Healthy Pizza Bases

The Irish know their bread. Soda Bread is well liked in Ireland, and Irish born Gerard Winston quickly saw a gap in the market here in Australia as it just wasn’t available. And so Paddy the Baker and Matty’s Healthy Pizzas Bases was born. New to our Market, this is Australia’s only Irish Bakery with very unique products. Leaving Dublin behind in 2009, Gerard moved to Australia with his wife and five young children to start a new life. After discovering they just couldn’t get bread here like they could back home, he started their soda bread business which is now very popular amongst the Irish community. The bakery produces a range of Irish bread which is sold across markets in both Sydney and Canberra. Products include traditional soda, seedy soda, potato bread, buttermilk scones, and gluten free options too. As the name suggests, they also produce healthy pizza bases made from organic sourdough or spelt sourdough, with an organic gluten free option on offer too. You can also buy two sauces – a tomato pizza sauce, or the kale and basil vegan pesto. The idea is you can buy a base and a sauce of your choice to create a great pizza at home. Check them out and try a sample or two on your next trip to Market.

Puffy pastry making class

September Stallholder Workshops: Learn the art of butter puff pastry and chocolate making

Butter puff pastry and chocolate. Two of life’s most delicious pleasures. If you’ve ever wanted to learn about them in greater depth other than they just taste terrific, then join us at the Market’s September Stallholder Workshops. Head to the Market on Saturday 8 September and Wayne from Uncle Juan’s Bakehouse will demonstrate how he makes the old-fashioned butter puff pastry that he uses for his gourmet sausage rolls and pies. He will show you his techniques, talk about the amazing way that flour, salt and water combine to form gluten, and demonstrate how the layering and folding of dough and butter forms that beautiful flaky puff pastry. Afterwards, you can sample one of his delicious baked mini sausage rolls – with vegetarian and vegan options too. Yum!  You can catch Wayne at 9am. Then at 10am, head on over to our ever-popular chocolate makers, Jasper & Myrtle Chocolate.  If you have ever wondered how Jasper & Myrtle make their bean to bar chocolates, now is the time to find out. See how they turn their Bougainville cocoa beans into their award-winning chocolate and taste every stage of the process in the bean to bar journey. The chocolate makers will set up to show the whole process – bringing in roasted beans, with the process including winnowing (i.e. de-husking), grinding and moulding of the chocolates. Stay tuned on more upcoming workshops which will take place on the second Saturday of each month. All workshops are held next to the food court and seating area where CIT have their cooking demonstrations. They’re tasty AND educational!

Support for your local and regional drought-affected farmers

Did you know that by shopping at the Market you are supporting local and regional farmers affected by drought? Throughout August, the Rotary Club of Hall collected donations direct from the public to assist with drought relief. Through collection buckets onsite, you have helped us directly raise over $6000 for drought relief efforts – so we thank you! We are thrilled with the generosity to date. The money raised will go directly to farming families, particularly from within our Market’s stallholder catchment, in need due to the impact of the current drought. In addition, Rotary is also tipping in significant dollars to assist with the relief efforts. Identification of those in need is being handled by the Rural Financial Counselling Service, and all monies are going directly to those who need it. And remember, each and every time you shop at the Market you are helping our farmers by continuing to buy what produce they do have available. Find out more about Produce with Purpose and other community projects the Market helps fund via Rotary.

Meet the stallholder: Steve and Rob from Formichi Smallgoods

Want to put a face to the business where you get your produce at the Market each week? Or a name to the face of the guy who sells you your fruit and veg? Or simply find out a little more about your food and where it comes from? Then check out our ‘meet the stallholder’ video series on our Market YouTube channel.

This month –  meet Rob and Steve from Formichi Smallgoods. Formichi was founded all the way back in 1954 by Vasco Formichi, who migrated to Australia with his wife to start their lives in the smallgoods business. Since then, it’s developed into a family business, which is now run by Rob (the son of Vasco) and his family, including son Steve.

All of Formichi’s pigs are based in Benalla, Victoria, and all products are manufactured on premises in Wadonga. Some of the Formichi’s best sellers are their delicious salami and sausages. They also produce ham, bacon, prosciutto, pancetta, and much more.

Formichi’s smallgoods can be found at the Market each fortnight.

Find out more about our Market stallholders in our stallholder video series here.

We’re going nuts over our stallholder’s win

Alpine Nuts at the Capital Region Farmers Market

It’s been a big month for Alpine Nuts, having secured a huge win at the Australian Food Awards from the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria. The awards aim to celebrate excellence in food production around Australia and the world and are used to benchmark exhibitors against industry standards.

Alpine Nuts won a Silver medal for their mildly flavoured creamy walnuts from the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria. Their walnuts were scored based on flavour, texture and consistency. Their result was an impressive 87 out of 100, making their nuts some of the best in the state. This is a great achievement for Alpine Nuts, who pride themselves on having the freshest tasting nuts, all thanks to their sustainable farming practices.

Congratulations Alpine Nuts!

NEW: Let your love for (cauli)flower for Rita’s Farm Produce

Rita’s Farm Produce is our brand-new stallholder, coming from Wallacia just outside of Sydney. Rita’s Farm produces a multitude of veg and herbs including winter favourites Brussels sprouts and cauliflower, as well as carrots, broccoli, coriander, and mint. They also sell vegetables that aren’t always widely available in the commercial space, including radish, daikon, and sorrel.

Rita’s Farm is a family owned farm that has been operating for over 15 years. Head farmer, Rita, was previously a nurse in rural China and used herbs and vegetables to ensure that her family, friends, and patients lived and ate healthily. In short, Rita believes that eating well is one of the best ways to live a long and happy life.

Rita’s passion for fresh veg shines through, and we’re lucky enough to have Rita share that belief with our Market.  You can find Rita at the Market each Saturday at stall number 46 – 49.

What’s in season? Far out, Brussels sprouts!

Rita's Farm Produce's Brussels Sprouts at the Capital Region Farmers Market

Brussels sprouts have been given a bad rap over the years, which, quite frankly, we find difficult to understand. The Brussels sprout is the most adorable little cabbage looking vegetable there is.

These little balls of green are packed with health benefits to keep your stomach happy, including vitamins A and C, folic acid and dietary fibre; the benefits of these being they’ll protect against colon and stomach cancer.

Right now, it is peak Brussels sprout season, meaning there’s an abundance of sprouts at the Market. You can get your Brussels sprout fix from Rita’s Farm Produce who sells them straight off the stalk – they don’t come any fresher than this.

So, pop by, grab some of these deliciously healthy greens and cook them up into something healthy. A roast dinner accompaniment or a balsamic glazed side, perhaps? Happy Brussels sprout eating Market-goers.

Image: Rita’s Farm Produce

Our mission to make it easy to be green

Mesh bags from Tulgeen at the Capital Region Farmers Market

Plastic bags are a hot topic right now. So much so, that we’re doing all that we can to reduce the use of them at the Market. We’re on a mission to make our Market-goers green-savvy by taking steps to provide useful alternatives.

One of the ways you can reduce the use of plastic bags is by getting your hands on some reusable mesh produce bags from Tulgeen. The response to these handy bags has been extremely positive so far – we even sold out a few weeks back! Luckily, we have ordered lots more and the mesh bags can be purchased at five for $15 from the Rotary information desk.

We’ve also been providing our stallholders with paper bags for produce for customers. We hope that this is another way we can reduce the use of plastic around the Market.

Help us on our mission to be green, and let’s prove that it actually is quite easy!

Image: Tulgeen

Learn something new at our stallholder workshops and demos

Win's Creek Meadery at the Capital Region Farmers Market

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make pasta, how to make frames for bee hives or how to create ricotta? Perhaps you’re interested in improving your gut health, finding out how to plant succulents or discovering how to mill wheat? These are just some of the topics you can educate yourself on with the Market’s new interactive stallholder workshops and demonstrations.

Kicking off this month, stallholder workshops will take place on the second Saturday of every month in the food court (where monthly cooking demonstrations are held). First up on Saturday 11 August, Leaning Oak Dairy will deliver a session on how to create ricotta using Country Valley Milk at 9am. See how to use Leaning Oak Dairy’s products to their full potential so you can create a healthy, homemade alternative to cheese.  Then at 10am, find out how to source local honey from your very own backyard with Win’s Creek Meadery.

We’ll keep you up to date on upcoming workshops which will take place on the second Saturday of each month.