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Paul de Jong
124 Ellendon Street, Bungendore, NSW, 2621

What we sell:

Cut Flowers/Potted Colour: Petunias, Lisianthus, Pansies, Cyclamen, Polyanthus, Poppies, Chysanthemum, Alstromeria, Daffodils, Jonquils, Iris, Delphinium, Digitalis. Oriental lilies, asiatic lilies, November lilies, rose lilies, freesia, lisianthus, chincherinchi,
calla lilies,

Herbs (Coriander, Rocket, Basil, Parsley, Marjoram)

Tomatoes, Strawberries, Kale

Grown by Sam Dominello
45 Euloo rd Peats ridge, 0298880690

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Producer and approved agent
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More about Canberra Colour

We have imported biodegradable pots from desch plantpak  in Holland. This is fantastic new technology. The pots are made from plant biopolymers and are %100 biodegradable. We should receive them next week and our customers will see them early next year. Green energy is used in their production and overall they represent a significant reduction in co2 emissions. Disposal of plastic pots is a major issue and we are excited to be heading in this direction. We are one of the first in Australia to use this product and have been seeking a supplier for a long time. Our business uses green energy for our electricity use and having biodegradable pots reduces our environmental impact significantly.

We have been growing plants and flowers in Bungendore for nearly twenty years. We originally grew Zanteschia hybrids using tissue culture techniques for selection and propagation. We grew rhizomes and cut flowers of this genus for the wholesale market. We even exported some rhizomes to the Netherlands and the US. Eventually we diversified into herbs, veggies and potted colour and decided to mainly sell our product to the local Canberra area. These days 95% of our product is sold into Canberra and we grow over 300 different lines over a 12 month period. Our growing conditions are challenging as on a clear night we are often 3 degrees colder than Canberra. We usually experience 1 minus 10 per winter so I often joke that our plants are on a tropical holiday when they are planted out in Canberra. We understand the Canberra conditions and grow accordingly. We do start growing some spring lines early as making the most of the warmer months is important. Tomatoes are a good example as it is always a race for Christmas.

We have licences to grow a range of PBR plants which means we have some fantastic plants available. These include Verbena twister series, petunia bumble bee, double spreading Tumberina petunias and many other petunias, double calibrachoa, double Osteospermum. There are so many great plants and flowers to grow and we love bringing them to the markets for our customers.

Paul de Jong


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Grown by Sam Dominello
45 Euloo Rd Peats Ridge
Oriental lilies, asiatic lilies, November lilies, rose lilies, freesia, lisianthus, chincherinchi,
calla lilies.

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