Minto Galloways

Greg Stuart
Anchow Hill Road, Yass, NSW

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Fresh & Frozen Cryovaced Galloway Beef
Tanned Galloway Cattle Floor Rugs

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More about Minto Galloways

Minto Galloway Stud is one of Australia’s leading studs.

Minto delivers Galloway beef directly to the consumer and to restaurants. Minto is also successful in the show ring.

Minto Galloway Stud, established in 1989 is situated just north of Canberra and just off the Barton Highway connecting Canberra to Yass and the Hume Highway. Because of our elevation, 700 m, winters can be cold while our summers are usually hot and dry. We average about 630mm of rain a year. Depending on seasonal conditions we normally run a total of between 100 and 150 head on our two properties. This may increase as we further improve our pastures.

Before we encountered Galloways, we had a breed of cattle more common to the NSW Southern Tablelands. Calving problems resulted in a lot of calf pulling and inevitable losses. A Galloway breeder whom I had met a number of times at Canberra Show told me that a Galloway bull would greatly reduce my problems. I purchased a bull by the name of Castle Douglas Gay Gordon and not only were my calving problems virtually eliminated but I was so pleased with his offspring that I commenced breeding full blood, ie 100%, solid colour Galloways from that point on.

Marketing Galloway beef directly to our own customers or at Farmers’ Markets is now the prime activity of Minto Galloways. 

In Scotland there is a butcher chain, The Galloway Cattle Company, selling only Galloway beef. We intend to continue to fully promote Galloway beef and byproducts such as hides in order that our Association’s members can get a return that reflects their Galloway cattle’s quality. We, with assistance from our Association’s Marketing arm, source steers and heifers from other Association members to finish and direct sell. This overcomes the problem some members have of having good carcass quality Galloway cattle in such small numbers such that a premium can’t easily be realised. Our extensive travels in Scotland and other countries have confirmed our belief that Galloway cattle do have some unique properties that evolved because of their harsh Scottish environment; this includes their unique double hair coat, their foraging ability and ability to finish off grass, their ability to marble and to produce beef low in saturated fats and high in Omega 3’s and other essential health giving elements.

For these reasons we are passionate about maintaining a 100% full blood Galloway herd as once anyone deliberately moves away from such a herd, the 100% full blood genetics can never be regained and that Galloway uniqueness is lost.

We do support Galloway cross breeding programs and see the Galloway female as an excellent crossbreeding base and encourage the use of our genetics for crossbreeding purposes. Come and see our champions, so that you can feel the difference of 100% full blood cattle for yourself. Visitors always receive a warm welcome with us and we are more than willing to share our knowledge and experience with new members or people just contemplating taking up Galloways. Chris is also a qualified geneticist who can assist the understanding of Galloway colour patterns, the differences between the Galloway breeds, or Galloway cousins as we call them, ie Solid colour, Belted, White and ‘Miniature’ and any other genetic issues that may concern you. The wineries that surround us are also worth a visit especially those that now feature Galloway beef. If you are considering breeding Galloways we usually have for sale quality full blood stud and commercial bulls, cows and heifers. Naturally, we are always selling mouth-watering Galloway beef however phone first as supply can outstrip demand, this also applies to our luxurious Galloway floor rugs.”

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