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NEW: Origin Bake and Cibus Goodness from Nature

There’s something to be said about warm baked goods on a cold winter morning. Whether it’s freshly made Bombolini filled with fresh custard, an almond and brandy croissant or a peach and rhubarb danish, nothing tastes as good as that first bite of pastry (well maybe once you’ve sat down after a busy morning market shopping)

Our two new bakers Origin Bake and Cibus Goodness from Nature offer tasty winter pastries and delicious baked goods, while also bringing traditional cooking techniques from two unique cultures.

Karim from Origin Bake brings ancient Egyptian techniques to his modern baking, like using high fibre flour and only natural and fresh ingredients.

Alberto from Cibus Goodness from Nature worked in a café for more than 30 years in his hometown of Rome, Italy. After moving to Canberra ten years ago working as a chef in Yarralumla he noticed his customers really enjoyed his fresh Bombolini, so he decided to sell them.

We welcome our two bakers to the market and look forward to trying all their goodies over winter.