Rabbit stew anyone? – March 2013

This month we would like to welcome Mark Dureau to the Market. Mark will be visiting fortnightly with his wild game rabbits – and boy are we looking forward to trying them. Mark lives and operates out of Hillston, about 110km north-west of Griffith. He has been involved in the rabbit hunting industry for about 5 years, the last three as a full-time professional.

Mark has about 15 properties that he shoots on, varying in size from approx 5,000HA to 75,000 HA.  Mark is able to control the number of rabbits in the area, assisting local producers and farmers as a result. Wondering what to do with your wild game rabbit? Rabbits are high in protein and are great for autumn stews or in the Crockpot. They also make a great base for curries, casseroles or even pasta dishes.

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