The best in spring blooms – August 2013

Think spring and you naturally think flowers. As we head into the next season, now’s a great time to come and see all the beautiful cut flowers on offer from some of the best flower growers at the Market.  Jonima Flowers always has lovely blooms on offer, but over the coming weeks will have early season sweet peas, poppies and ranunculus as well as jonquils and freesias. Canberra Colour from Bungendore will also have a large range available with cut flowers including oriental and tiger lillies, early cheer jonquil, daffodils and freesias, with roses will follow in mid September. Canberra Colour will also increase their potted colour range into September as the weather warms up and Canberrans once again think about gardening. A new potted variety called ‘Lewisia’ will be available – it’s new to Australia hailing from North America and produces a mass of colour which should do well in Canberra’s dry climate. Potted herbs and vegetables including tomatoes and zucchini will also return in September. Be sure to visit these guys on your next market jaunt.

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