Moorlands Lamb national finalists in ABC Delicious Produce Awards

Moorlands LambBig congratulations must go to one of our fabulous meat producers, Moorlands Biodynamic Lamb, as they’ve just been announced as national finalists in the ABC Delicious Produce Awards for 2014. The public and producers have spent over six months nominating for these awards and we’re super proud of Moorlands for being announced as national finalist in the ‘Primary’ section of the From the Paddock category.

Moorlands specialise in exceptional tasting lamb using an old Dutch breed – Texel – as their genetic base, which produces a meat that is relatively lean yet with a sweet, nutty flavor and silky texture. No chemicals are used on their farm and the organic/bio-dynamic process is assured through full Demeter certification. You can buy Moorlands lamb each week at the Market, available in serve sized portions of a broad variety of cuts, or in a bulk pack. A blind tasting by the ABC Delicious Awards’ national judges will decide the category winners, to be announced in Sydney on 14 July. Best of luck to Moorlands Biodynamic Lamb!

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