9 August 2014 – Capital Region Farmers Market @ EPIC

  • We have a new oyster joining the CRFM family. Tall Paul’s Oysters are unleashing the ‘Angasi’ which you may have heard referred to as the Flat Oyster, Drift Oyster or Mud Oyster.
  • Beetroot is in season and bunches from Kitanodai Kaihatsu are looking divine.
  • Taste some Beetroot ice cream from the Master of Mixology Frugii.


  • A message from Vince Heffernan from Moorlands Biodynamic Lamb – “Will have to postpone my visit.  Mid lambing.  Very busy.  I’ve had to reprioritise my time and it needs to be with my ewes.  Not sure how I communicate with the many people who expect me to be there on the day?  Happy for you to mention it on 666 – I guess it underlines why people come to the market.  Yes we are farmers and farmers who care deeply about the welfare of our animals.  When the heat is on [mid lambing] – we go to our ewes in the paddock because animal welfare is our number one priority.  Lots of other producers at EPIC are the same; Box gum Grazing have sows giving birth in the paddock in little houses – not cooped up in an inhumane pen, Greenhill have Greg who is a vet!  Even the fact that the Narooma Seafood girls only sell the fish they catch off their own boat.  Food at EPIC has provenance.  It is better and produced better.  You have that direct line-of-sight from your kitchen to the farm.  You can talk with the farmers direct.  And sure occasionally someone like Moorlands goes missing when they look after their sheep instead – but the other almost 120 stallholders will be there this Saturday and all have wonderful stories, and I’ll be back on 13th Sept anyway!”


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