7 March 2015 – Back From Our Break

Lindfield Park Bi Coloured Corn CropIf your fruit bowls and fridges are looking bare due to a non-market last Saturday, then pop in to the CRFM to stock up on all things fresh and fabulous.

The Borenore, Nashdale, Orange, Forrests Reef, Darby’s Falls, Crookwell and Taralga area’s are bursting with fresh produce.  The CRFM Director Vic Gibbons and Market Manager Tamara Arnold spent some time exploring the farms and kitchens that belong to Stallholders from those areas during the week.

  • If you are a Nashi pear fan then your prayers have been answered.  Robyn and John Davies from Clearview Organics return to us with a bumper crop of golden goodness.  They have 3600 trees on the banks of the Lachlan River.  Their sun dried Nashi rings are great for lunch boxes or cheese platters.  Only pear and sunshine, no preservatives!  The sun and natural sugars give them a caramelised taste and texture.
  • Apples and pears from Ellamatta Orchards & Lindfield Park look beautiful and only the best are being picked for sale at our market.  With the low food miles, our growers can afford to let their fruit ripen on the tree as opposed to some supermarket lines that ripen on the shelves.  Go figure!
  • John & Marion from Lindfield Park are surrounded by cobs of bi colour corn that are flourishing in the soil on the slopes of Mt Conobolas.  Check out the Crossfire and Flipper varieties for presentation and taste.
  • We are in negotiations with a Goji Berry & Golden Berry grower based at Taralaga.  Stay tuned for more updates on these little known fruits.


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