A party on your palate with Patty’s Patisserie

Capital Region Farmers Market Stallholder, Patty’s Patisserie eclairsNew stallholder, Patricia Ortiz, brings a little slice (or two) of Italy to the Market with her amazing sweet treats from Patty’s Patisserie including eclairs, petit gateau, salted caramel jars, croissants and tarts.

From her home town of Albury, Patricia creates the most amazing range of sweet desserts, cakes and pastries using traditional Italian recipes and methods she gleaned from her Italian Nonna Lucia’s pasticceria in Verona, Italy. Passionate about freshness and quality, she uses no artificial flavours and only the best ingredients to create her works. Nougat, cheese bread, sfogliatelle- an Italian pastry…the list of delicious creations goes on. Patty’s also has a range of sugar free, dairy free and gluten free baked goods. Bellissimo!

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