Warm up with a pulled pork roll

Pulled Pork Roll at the Capital Region Farmers Market by Stallholder, Burra BerkshiresYou know that feeling…you’re wandering around the Market on a chilly Saturday morning and the smells draw you in. Must. Eat. Now. Next time you have a hankering for yummy food, munch on a delicious pulled pork roll from Market newcomer, Burra Berkshires.

The pork rolls begin life as a rare breed of Berkshire pigs that farmer Liz Cotton grows on her small property in Burra just outside of Canberra. The pigs, Liz is currently running about 40 head, are born and bred on the property where they get to lie in large paddocks with plenty of trees to snooze under and cosy shelters for the cold winter nights. Berkshire pigs are considered to be the best tasting pigs, and the new pulled pork rolls available at our ready-made food area are testament to this.

Liz was looking for something tasty and enticing for the morning Market crowd and came up with these beauties – she slow cooks the pork in a barbecue sauce, it’s then topped with caramelised apple, sour cream and toasted almonds and added to a brioche roll. Not surprisingly, Liz has grown quite the addicted following.

Have a taste on your next visit – Burra Berkshires are at the Market on alternate Saturdays.

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