Pickled Walnuts…

For gourmet and walnut enthusiasts your wish is about to come true…

Walnuts are deciduous trees and in early spring they come to life starting their fruiting process that produces our delicious walnuts that come to full maturity 6 months later in March.

Pickled walnuts are a well-known English and European delicacy in the gourmet world and late Spring is the optimal time to harvest the growing walnut to produce premium and delicious pickled walnuts.

On the 7th November, Alpine Nuts for the first time ever and available to our loyal customers in the Canberra community, will be a limited supply of the first spring flush of early growth new season spring walnuts for pickling.
Pickled walnuts are a truly gourmet product and can be used in braises, salads, alongside a rare steak, on a gourmet pizza or as an amazing addition to your cheeseboard (spectacular with a good blue cheese) or antipasto platter.

Recipe on the CRFM website on how to pickle!!

Green Walnuts         Walnuts

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