Canberra chocolate takes home medal at International Chocolate Awards

Dark chocolate from Capital Region Farmers Market stallholder, Jasper & MyrtleWe’ve known the chocolate from Jasper & Myrtle is amazing for quite some time. And they’ve now just been recognised more officially, winning a medal at the 2016 Americas & Asia Pacific International Chocolate Awards late last month.

Canberra ‘bean to bar’ chocolate maker for the Jasper & Myrtle brand, Li-Peng Monroe, was awarded a bronze medal at the awards for her Lemon Myrtle & Macadamia milk chocolate. The medal was awarded in the ‘milk chocolate bars with inclusions or pieces’ category. And, obviously, it’s very very good!

This award-winning flavour joins other interesting flavour combinations, produced by Li-Peng at her home in Canberra, including white chocolate with sour cherry, and Himalayan rock salt and wakame.

Jasper & Myrtle will return to the Market on Saturday 23 July, attending fortnightly thereafter. Congratulations!

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