5 ways to save time and money, thanks to the Market

Capital Region Farmers Market, Stallholders selling vegetablesTime and money – two precious resources that we could always do with more of. We’ve got 5 ways you can save both time and money by shopping at the Capital Region Farmers Market.

1. Buy locally: Purchasing fresh, local produce that is in season is an obvious way to cut back on needless expenses. Stop yourself from spending your dollars on out-of-season (and expensive) fruit and veg and embrace the taste of the season. And buying fresh produce that hasn’t been stockpiled in some distribution warehouse for weeks before it gets to you means that it will stay fresher for longer – cutting down on food waste.

2. Plan ahead: If you’re limited to buying your groceries once a week, we promise you that you become a lot better at planning out what you want to eat. Do a stock take of what you have available and pick up what you need from the Market at 7.30am on Saturdays.

3. Double batch your cooking: No matter if you love or loathe cooking, the cleaning up of the pots and pans is always a bit of a pain. Solution: always cook a little extra than what you need for that one meal, giving you longer til you have to cook again. If you’re not planning on eating it within 24 hours, pop it in the freezer for a guilt-free Market produce freezer dinner!

4. Stock up on staples: A well stocked pantry will be the key to your money and time saving success! There will be no need to have to make that second dash to the shops when you know you have plenty of pasta and jar of tomato sauce ready for your dinner that night!

5. Pick up tips: No one knows their way around fresh Market produce quite like the people who’ve brought it on the day. Cut down on need to research how best to cook with your chosen ingredient and simply ask. Our knowledgeable stallholders will be happy to provide you with free cooking and storage tips!

You’ll also save on paying for parking, and be sure to sample the tasty produce as you’re walking around – there’s freebies aplenty!


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