What’s in season: Asparagus, Beans and Peas

Asparagus from Capital Region Farmers Market stallholderStocking up on your daily intake of greens is particularly tasty – and easy – at this time of the year. Laden with health benefits galore, early spring vegetables like asparagus, beans and peas provide a great way to get your five-a-day. Greens in general are jam packed with fibre and water, which help boost your metabolism and aide in burning those pesky winter calories.

Asparagus has loads of nutrients, and being a herbaceous plant, it’s particularly great for detoxing. It’s easy to roast, grill or stir fry your asparagus (tip: not only are these methods quick, but waterless methods of cooking help preserve the ingredients’ nutritional content).

Your heart LOVES beans. They’re a fantastic source of folate and B vitamins, and because they’ve got a stack of protein and fibre, they help you feel fuller for longer.

Peas are here to help support your immune system. Keep the final bouts of winter cold and flus away with an added boost of vitamin C, and stock up on bone-building vitamin K and manganese while you’re at it!

These versatile vegies will keep you feeling great well into spring!


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