Get festive with a fresh, live Christmas Tree

If you’re a lover of live Christmas trees, then you know what a beautiful addition they are to the home. The fresh, crisp pine aroma fills the air as you enjoy the festive season and count down to the big day when your tree will be abundant with gifts to and from loved ones. Christmas trees are at the Market right now direct from St Nicholas Christmas Trees and Santa’s Shaped Christmas Trees. The team at St Nicholas have been supplying beautifully shaped Christmas trees to the people of the Canberra region for over 15 years. The trees are grown on a small family owned property just outside Goulburn where they are cared for, selected for multiple branching and undergo extensive pruning to help ensure the final trees are as bushy as possible. Every tree is individually hand pruned and shaped up to six times before it reaches the Market. Tree prices vary depending on the size, and start from $60.  The busy ‘elves’ at Santa’s Shaped Christmas Trees also know more than a thing or two about Christmas trees. The farm located in Gundaroo just near Canberra also provides beautiful Christmas trees to the people of Canberra and surrounds, as well as Christmas tree stands which extend the life of a cut tree. Most trees from Santa’s Shaped Christmas Trees range from around 1.5 to 2.5 metres in height and are cut and netted for easy transport to your home. Come in and pick your tree at the Market on Saturday 3rd, 10th and Saturday 17th December (stock permitting).