NEW: Ready-to-use pastry from Wheat Berry

What Berry Handmade Pastry LogoEver come to the Market for fresh produce and then look for something to create with it once you get back home? Wheat Berry is here to help with a range of delicious ready-to-use pastry – fresh and frozen.

Wheat Berry is a small business making true authentic pastry ready for you to embellish your own dishes. The ready-to-roll packs are great for making your own sausage rolls, quiches, pies, flans and tarts, or they can be frozen for future use. Both sweet and savoury puff and shortcrust pastry are on offer with types and flavours varying from week to week. Flavours on offer may include spelt and olive oil, mustard, butter puff, chocolate and vanilla bean. And packs are made for single dishes – so there’s no more wasted pastry!

Come and chat to Grace from Wheat Berry on your next Market day, she may just inspire your next meal.

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