Poached Pear

Poached pear:
Pear x 1
Cinnamon quill x 2
Cardamom pods x 6
Stock sugar syrup x 800 mls
Vanilla bean x 1

Heat together sugar syrup and flavourings.
Simmer 10 minutes to infuse flavours.
Add fruit, ensure fruit is totally covered.
Cover with a cartouche and poach fruit until just done.
Cool fruit in liquid.

Egg yolks x 2
Sugar x 30gm
Marsala wine x 60 mls

Whisk together sugar, egg yolks and Marsala until pale and creamy.
Place over a double boiler and continue to whisk until thick and foamy, and doubled
in volume.
Make sure water does not touch the bottom of the bowl, and heat is
low to medium so eggs do not get past 70C and scramble.

Prepared by:
Ivonne Nathan
Culinary Skills Teacher
Trade Skills and Vocational Learning
Canberra Institute of Technology

For further information on courses in culinary
visit cit.edu.au phone (02) 6207 3188 or
email [email protected].

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