NEW: Paleo food from Primal Alternative

Primal Alternative's Summer Paleo Bread at CRFMYou’ve no doubt read about the health benefits of paleo and now we’ve got a brand new stallholder, Primal Alternative, with a food range designed to make going paleo/primal more doable and sustainable. First created by a Western Australian mum, Helen Marshall, the local franchise has been picked up by Kyra Miles in Canberra and she just can’t wait to share the range of home baked goodies at our Market. The Primal Alternative range includes paleo pizza bases and breads, which are all grain and gluten free, gellies which are a protein rich alternative to lollies, grain free cookies made with less than a teaspoon of organic coconut sugar per cookie and 70% cocoa real chocolate chips, and paleo fruit bread which is a savoury fruit toast with cinnamon and ginger spices. You can meet the team and try the Primal Alternative products from July.

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