Akiba forages for cocktail ingredients at the Market

Akiba Botanist in Bloom Cocktail using Canberra Urban Honey at the Capital Region Farmer's Market in Canberra
Image: Akiba

Local bar and restaurant in the heart of Canberra city, Akiba, has been busy foraging for cocktail ingredients at the Market for an international cocktail competition, The Forage for Cocktails cocktail competition. As the name suggests, entrants were required to create cocktails based on infusions and foraging.

Fraser Pollard and his team from Akiba visited the Market to source ingredients including our very own award winning Canberra Urban Honey  which is now a key ingredient in the special edition Botanist in Bloom cocktail.

The cocktail is all about sustainability, locally foraged and sourced organic products, and the use of Australian native plants. Made from Forrest Berry Herb and Rosella infused The Botanist Gin Australia, Riberry (aka Lilly Pilli), Grapefruit, Sage, Wild Thyme, fresh pressed locally sourced lemon and apple juices, Joseph Cartron Apricot Brandy and Canberra Urban Honey from Gungahlin. Canberra Urban Honey is the only urban honey to be awarded a medal of excellence at the National Honey Show and is a strong advocate for sustainability.

The Botanist in Bloom has complex layers of flavours that develop over the palate from first sip until the last – a myriad of herbaceous, floral, fruity and tart characteristics that keep you thinking.

Head to Akiba and taste this amazing cocktail until the end of September (and beyond!) and pop in to the Market for some Canberra Urban Honey on your next visit.

We wish Akiba well for the cocktail competition.


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