What’s in season? The month of March means the best of both worlds

Foodie lovers, prick those ears right up because we have good news. It’s shoulder season at the Market which means that the month of March will bring the best of both summer and autumn foods.

This month, eggplant, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower are in abundance, so you can begin cooking up those hearty cooler weather meals. But wait, there’s more! Potatoes are also on the cards, with purple congo and kipfler potatoes popping up around the Market this month. And if you’re still after bits and pieces for lovely warm weather salads, look no further than capsicums, the first of which are being picked now.

The next step is where to get your hands on this huge variety of veggie goodness. Dilliro Vegetables have been in the game for over seven years and pride themselves on having veg so fresh that it looks as though it has just been picked from the garden. Because, let’s be real, it pretty much has!

Drop by and grab all this and more before shoulder season wears away.

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