October Stallholder Workshops: Learn the delicacies of handmade bao and cannoli

“Good food not only fills the stomach, but it also lights up the day,” says Angel from Superbao. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as biting into a soft and fluffy steam bun filled with mouth-watering fillings. The team at Superbao are determined to make sure every bite of their bao is a super moment and each steam bun is hand made to ensure the texture is soft and fluffy. To have your own superhero moment, come along to their stallholder workshop, where you will see how they cook their handmade steam buns (and compare them to supermarket frozen buns). There will also be a delicious demonstration on how to cook their classic pork belly and tastings for the audience. The SuperBao workshop kicks off at 9am.

Cannoli – soft and donutty or crispy and creamy? Turns out they can be both, and Andrew from the Cannoli Brothers team will discuss the differences between the types of cannoli. This workshop will reveal the story of Cannoli in all forms and then exhibit and discuss the stages and equipment used in the process to get their delicious Cannoli to the customer, using examples from their factory. The workshop highlight will be the interactive ‘fill your own Cannoli’ experience and Cannoli tasting. The Cannoli workshop will begin at 10am.

Head to the Market on Saturday 13 October from 9am for these delicious and informative workshops.

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