Rotary’s record-breaking achievements at Floriade

Did you know that all profits raised by the Market are distributed back into the local and Australian community by our founders, the Rotary Club of Hall?

That’s right, Rotary Hall, part of Rotary District 9710, runs the Market with the aim of assisting many people and projects in need. Over the last month, Rotary District 9710 has been recognising and celebrating 90 years in Canberra with a marquee and display at this year’s Floriade. And they have achieved lot. For one, Rotary beat Iron Man’s record of 5339 signatures on a card! Their giant birthday card the size of office partitions came equipped with marker pens and a challenge to beat the world record for signatures on a giant card, which was set by Iron Man, Robert Downey Jnr. They smashed it with a massive 11,515 signatures collected by the end of Floriade. The decision by Rotary to play a prominent role over the course of the month paid off in spades. The pop-up marquee set up within the grounds of Floriade drew a steady stream of passers-by curious to learn more about the organisation’s many community activities.

A District record of 112 people signed up to join Rotary, and these included young people who were enthusiastic about local Rotaract clubs, and the District is looking forward to welcoming all of them into Rotary. 762 overseas visitors from 82 countries visited the marquee to mark their home town on a giant map, the giant birthday cake proved popular as a photo backdrop, as did the gnomes on the knoll. At Floriade NightFest, Rotary’s Rotaract teams created an awesome mural which lit up the tent during the nights with UV lights reflecting fluorescent paint.

Rotary’s celebration of 90 years in Canberra continues for the remainder of 2018, and their valuable work goes on.

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