NEW: Stonefruits and apples from Thornbrook Orchard

We know from experience that people just love being able to chat with the growers when they come to Market. To find out about how their food is grown, the methods used to grow it and how it gets to Market each week. Thankfully we have stallholders like newcomer Paul from Thornbrook Orchard to indulge all our Market visitors each week. Thornbrook is a third-generation family-run farming business and they really pride themselves on customer service and speaking with customers directly to educate them on the fruit growing process.

With great knowledge on the entire process – from trees to fruit harvesting, packing and transporting to the Market – Paul’s family has been growing fruit in the rich soils of Mount Canobolas, not far from Orange since the orchard was established in 1947. Many fruit varieties, including several stone fruits and cherries, are grown with the Market highlighting what’s in season picked fresh. Right now, you can find fresh peaches, nectarines, plums and apples at Market. Come and say hi to Paul and the team from Thornbrook.

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