What’s in season: Oranges and lemons…

Oranges and lemons. Not only do these words invoke the tune of the famous traditional English nursey rhyme and those ringing bells of St. Clements, but they scream vitamin C and juicy goodness! Just what the doctor ordered for cold and flu season. Right now, we have loads of lemons and oranges waiting for you at the Market. Oranges of the Blood variety to be exact. Yes, it’s blood orange season and they are very very good right now.

Known for its crimson flesh which makes the most amazing bright red juice, blood oranges actually get their colour due to the presence of anthocyanins, a pigment commonly found in flowers and other fruits, which is quite uncommon in citrus fruits. You can find fresh blood oranges from our friends at Auddino’s Produce. And they’re also stocked up on lemons too. All their citrus fruits are grown in Wamoon, not far from Leeton in NSW. While you’re on a citrus kick, boost yourself up with the greens too. Right now broad beans are in abundance from B & S Fresh Produce These little green morsels, also known as the fava bean or faba bean, are absolutely loaded with nutrients and are an excellent vegetable source of protein and fibre. A visit to Market can certainly be a healthy choice!

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