A fond farewell to Burnbar Fruit

It is with great sadness, but of course also with our absolute best well wishes, that we announce the retirement of our long-time Market stallholders, Andrew and Belinda from Burnbar Fruit. Andrew and Belinda have been driving down from their farm in Alstonville, Northern NSW, every fortnight for over 16 years! Families have grown up eating their delicious avocados and custard apples. Sadly, their last ever Market with us will be next Saturday 14th November, so be sure to stop by and wish them both well on their new adventures, and pick up the very last of their avocados which we’re sure were picked with a tear or two. To Andrew and Belinda, be sure to visit us again and we hope the AVO van will enjoy its new career as a motor home instead of avocado transport.  

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