Producer in Focus – Canberra Native Nursery

Sustainable and conscious horticulture has an undeniably positive impact on our native ecosystem and environment. Getting your hands dirty in the garden not only gives you a mental and physical health boost but helps sustain and support the world around us. Market stallholders Canberra Native Nursery are proud producers of ‘Canberra tough’ Australian native plants. They grow over 100 different species of flora using only naturally derived or non-toxic pollinator-friendly products.

We are incredibly lucky to have a beautiful native environment that contains a broad array of different flora. When planning your garden this spring, consider prioritising the inclusion of our natives. Not only are Australian natives beautiful, but they are also a significant contributor to the survival of our fauna. The population of the 2,000 different kinds of native bees in Australia is dropping more than ever before due to habitat loss from bushfires, urbanisation, and the ongoing effects of climate change. When bees lose their food and life source, not only do they struggle to survive, but the crucial pollination processes they conduct discontinue.

Planting natives in your garden provides a sustainable solution to the loss of habitat of our fauna while requiring limited maintenance due to their ability to survive in the natural Australian environment without human intervention.

At the Market, we have a selection of incredible producers who are dedicated to the horticulture effort. Our horticulture producers provide a great variety of potted colour, seedlings, plants, shrubs and trees in all sizes so there’s something for everyone in the garden this spring.

Discover more about the importance of native flora and why planting is important from our producers such as Canberra Colour, Sutton Road Nursery, Super Seedlings, Yass River Trees (1st and 3rd Saturdays) and Cascades Nursery (2nd and 4th Saturdays). 

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