What’s in Season – Corn

There’s absolutely nothing better than biting into a cob of delicious, sweet, farm-fresh corn, and our Market has been graced with it in fantastic abundance this month.

Corn is the third largest plant-based food source in the world and grown on nearly all continents. Its light and sweet flavour make it a versatile and delicious option to a range of dishes. There are endless possibilities to enjoy corn, whether you prefer to BBQ, boil, or dry it to create your own homemade popcorn or ground flour.

Corn’s purpose extends further than being a delicious food option for humans and livestock. The vegetable has a large industrial purpose and can be used in the production of a range of textiles and materials. Did you know that corn, which is technically a starchy vegetable, is also classified as a member of the whole grain family? And that’s not all – this delicious crop offers a range of nutritional benefits. Corn is loaded with essential vitamins such as A and C, as well as fibre, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. Plus, it boasts the highest antioxidant content among all grains, beating out popular options like rice and wheat. So next time you enjoy some corn, remember all the goodness it’s bringing to your plate.

Although corn is often associated with a classic Australian summer BBQ, don’t let that limit your options. There are plenty of ways to enjoy this versatile vegetable during the cooler months as well. To keep yourself warm and cosy throughout autumn, check out this amazing chicken and corn soup recipe from The Cooking Collective. It’s quick, easy, and packed with flavour, making it the perfect dish to savour on chilly evenings.

Drop by stallholders B & S Fresh Produce, Dilliro Vegetables, Harrison & Sons, and Mowbray Park Produce next time you’re at Market to enjoy delicious farm fresh corn.

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