Producer in Focus – Isabella 1822

Have you ever had the pleasure of discovering the exquisite honey from Isabella 1822?

As you stroll by the vibrant yellow tent, the cheerful sunflowers will catch your eye on the coldest, most wintry days. And here’s where you’ll find Kerrie, our passionate honey producer. She found her love of beekeeping when she experienced the joys of caring for her own bees. Recognising that the honey produced by her beloved bees was not only incredibly delicious but also brimming with natural goodness, she embarked on a journey to share her passion by selling Isabella 1822 honey, straight from the hives.

For Kerrie, there’s no place she’d rather be than at the bustling Market, bringing forth golden jars of goodness and getting to know her beloved honey-loving customers. Of course, her true love is working diligently with her bees, but the Market comes as a close second. Isabella 1822 offers a diverse range of honey products, catering to various preferences. From the pure and unfiltered raw honey to the velvety smoothness of creamed honey, and even the delicate honeycomb straight from the hive, there’s something to satisfy every honey connoisseur’s palate.

Now, you might be wondering about the intriguing name, Isabella 1822. It is derived from the convict ship that made history by successfully transporting the first surviving European honeybee hives to the shores of Australia in the year 1822. This momentous event marked the beginning of a flourishing beekeeping industry in the country, and Isabella 1822 stands as a tribute to this significant milestone.

Be sure to visit Kerrie under the welcoming yellow tent every Saturday, where she showcases her delightful range of honey products. Allow yourself to be captivated by the incredible aroma and treat your taste buds to the pure, unparalleled flavour of Isabella 1822 honey—a true testament to Kerrie’s unwavering dedication and love for her craft.

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