Time flies when Tamara is having fun – June 2013

It’s with great pleasure that we congratulate our Market Manager, Tamara Arnold, who this month celebrates 12 months as manager. She’s actually been involved with the market since 2008 in a volunteer capacity, but took up the position of market manager last June. When asked what she likes best about the position, Tamara says it’s connecting with farmers, discovering their stories, their products and production systems. She also loves the work-life balance the position affords as she’s based on a property where she breeds Quarter Horses. “People need to get to the market and see what I see each week. A true community market where you meet the growers, learn about the products and find out how to cook with them. Where you know the stallholders names and they know yours. This market has heart and of course the products are the freshest you’ll find.” Here’s to many more happy years Tamara!

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