We welcome two great new stallholders – July 2013

This month we would like to warmly welcome two new stallholders – Mad Cocky Muffins and The secret of spice.

Mmmm muffins! Is there anything yummier than the smell of a fresh muffin on a cold morning?! Pair it with a good coffee and you have a match made in heaven. This week we welcome newcomer Mad Cocky Muffins to the Market with their range of scrumptious muffins. Mad Cocky Muffins got their name from a crazy cockatoo that hung around the Scullin home of business owners Chontelle Plant and Tony McInnes when the business was starting out seven years ago. Tony is the cook responsible for producing all the delicious muffins, as well as deliveries and attending markets. They sell their muffins wholesale and onsite at the Market every Saturday. Made fresh in a commercial kitchen in Mitchell, these are not your every day muffins with varieties including sticky date, apple, cinnamon and custard, pineapple and coconut, rhubarb crumble, coffee and date, carrot, muesli and caramel…the mouth watering list goes on. Yummo! Tony will be at the Market with his Mad Cocky Muffins every Saturday.

Add some extra warmth to your winter cooking with delicious spice blends from The secret of spice . These guys really know their stuff when it comes to spice. When their family originally left India they brought their secrets of spice blending and traditional curry making with them. The secrets have been passed through the generations and are now shared with you each week at the Market with their range of spice blends, pickles and spicy noodles. The range is free from gluten, preservatives, colours, nuts and artificial flavours, and made with 100% all natural ingredients. You can use the spice blends to make your curry at home as mild or as ‘wild’ as you like it with everything from a butter chicken blend to a fiery vindaloo, and you can adjust the heat by varying how much chilli you add to your dish.

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