We love our keen customers – June 2013

This month we would like to pay homage to another of our keen market customers, Bizzy Lizzy…well actually her real name is Liz Posmyk, and Bizzy Lizzy is her alias for her fab foodie blog, Bizzy Lizzy’s Good Things which focuses on food, cooking and recipes for all seasons.

Liz is a food writer and fresh produce advocate. We’re just five minutes down the road from her house, and she feels we’re the best farmer’s market in Australia. She has a real dislike for supermarket shopping, preferring instead the fresh air and lively vibe of our market.

Liz visits every Saturday morning for her favourites – bagels, seasonal fruit and vegetables, fresh juice, fish, olive oil, meat, seedlings for the kitchen garden. Oh, and her partner loves the Gumtree Pies, and they both adore Frugii’s ice cream!

Liz says, “ When it comes to food, I’ve always been inspired by the raw vibrancy of fresh produce and food markets, and that wonderful symphony of tastes, aromas, colours and sounds all teasing the senses at once.   My grandmother ran a small fruit and vegetable store on the outskirts of Budapest when my father was a boy. I think it’s in the blood…

“Meeting the market people, the farmers, the producers… getting to know them and supporting them. They are the salt of the earth as far as I’m concerned,”

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