23 August 2014 – Susan’s Sumptuous Suppers in the Kitchen

Susan Sumptuous Suppers & Box Gum Piggy

As a special treat, we have Susan from Susan’s Sumptuous Supers cooking for us in the kitchen area from approx. 8:30 am.  Rumour has it she will be cooking with some lovely black garlic from Ingelara/Mulloon Creek, plump chicken breast from Hillside Pastured Farm and Jerusalem artichokes from Melissa Pure Fresh.  Susan will not be roasting this little Boxgum Grazing piglet.

As an extra special treat we have a pop up choir popping up.  You may have seen or better yet heard Rachel Hore and her troops bust out some soulful sounds last Saturday.  We liked them so much that we have invited them back!

If you are looking for Moruya Seafood/Joes Seafood, they have relocated to outside near the ATM.  Gary will be bringing his usual range of fresh fish with some additional Luderick and Bream, which are usually caught in Moruya River and Coila Lake.  He say’s “the more it rains, the more you catch as it stirs the water up and fish are prone to move around more”.

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