Spring is wildflower time

flowerSpring always means flowers. It truly is a beautiful time of year and later this month we welcome back seasonal wildflower grower, Gooloo Creek Wildflowers. Hailing from just north of Milton on the NSW South Coast, Gavin and his team know a lot about native and South African wildflowers.

They have 9.2 hectares of forest in total where their wildflower plantation was established in 1987 and now covers over two hectares. The main flowers grown at Gooloo Creek and sold at our Market are waratah, king proteas and grevilleas, as well as micro myrtus and eriostemom. Each year Gooloo Creek bring their flowers to our Market during spring and we look forward to welcoming these beautiful blooms once again this month. They’re back on Saturday 20 September until sold out.


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