There’s something about Saffron

Capital Region Farmers Market Stallholder - Windview Saffron, Saffron FlowerAnd something about the bright yellow colour and subtle seasoning it imparts in food that makes it a valuable spice around the world. But did you know saffron is being grown right near Canberra in Bungendore at Windview Saffron?

Christine Mcmillan knows this little gem of a spice very well as she owns and manages the farm, a large rural property that overlooks the wind farm where she also runs cattle. An area of 2000 square metres is planted with saffron corms, which at this time of year don’t look terribly exciting – quite similar to mondo grass. In April they flower with a lovely purple flower and the vivid crimson stigmas are hand harvested using small shears, dried in a food dryer and bottled ready for use.

Windview Farm is chemical free and Christine uses fish emulsion for fertiliser. The crops are perfect for the Canberra region as plants are tough and like the cold nights and hot days. Windview Saffron is available at the Market in 100 gram packages, and if you’re interested in growing saffron for yourself, Christine will have saffron corms available for sale from mid-December.

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