What do you know about organic foods?

Organic Food at the Capital Region Farmers MarketOrganic. It’s a term we hear a lot about in the food world. Buying organic foods certainly has its benefits. But do you know which of the Market foods are organic and how to identify them?

We have organic meats, vegetables and fruit available all year round. As we are a seasonal market, you won’t find everything all the time. For example, the organic apples and fruit from the Hall region have just started, while organic potatoes from the Michelago area have just finished.

Some of our organic items are a little pricier due to the nature of weeding crops organically. Garlic is a great example as the weed control has to be done completely by hand and is very labour intensive. There is also a fairly stringent certification process involved for our organic stallholders. They are subject to a yearly audit by their Australian certifying bodies, and extensive record keeping is required throughout the year with costs involved as well.

So how can you determine what’s organic and what’s not at the Market? Look for the displayed certification from the certifying body. All our stallholders who are certified organic/biodynamic must have it displayed. You can also look for our own Market signage (pictured here) – a beetroot coloured sign with the Market’s chicken emblem denotes organic/biodynamic.

So look a little closer for our organic friends on your next visit.

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