Add National Finalist Australian of the Year to this stallholder’s achievements

Capita lRegion Farmers Market - Stallholder - Damian De Marco -Snowy Mountain BerriesIt never ceases to amaze us the kinds of people who become involved in our Market. Not only are they clever at what they farm or produce, but many also have very interesting stories to tell.

Take for instance Damian De Marco from Snowy Mountains Berries. He’s just added National Finalist at the Australian of the Year Awards to his list of achievements. Damian and his partner Renai, who are actually based in Wallaroo near Hall, farm Jonkier Van tets Red Currants, White Currants and Cambridge Rival Gooseberries at their farm in Adaminaby, near Lake Eucumbene, in the NSW Snowy Mountains. The cold weather and reasonable snowfall means the berries develop very good flavour. The De Marcos have just spent January away from our Market, as Damian was a finalist in the ‘Australia’s Local Hero Category’ of the Australian of the Year Awards.

Although he did not win in his category, we would like to sincerely congratulate Damian on his finalist status in these prestigious awards. Damian is a symbol of courage for child abuse victims and their families, who spent four decades fighting for justice in the education system. The De Marco’s will be back at the Market with their currants and berries at the end of the year.

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