Franklin Road Preserves

Capital Region Farmers Market Stallholder, Franklin Road PreservesWhat happens when you keep making your family and friends pickles and they love them? You go into business of course. And that’s exactly what Richard and Liz Dowling of Franklin Road Preserves have done, extending their range to delicious chutneys and sauces as well. And we can tell you first hand that Richard’s hot Brinjal Kasundi, an eggplant chutney, is so so tasty!

Richard and Liz live in Orange and their larger than average back yard means they can grow a good range of summer vegetables from which they create their delicious preserves, chutneys and sauces. All their products are free from preservatives, colouring, flavours and thickeners, and all vegetables are home grown with no added chemicals or artificial fertilizers.

Franklin Road are at the Market on the first and third Saturday of each month, and throughout the coming months will have a good range on offer including their Bread & Butter Pickles, Zucchini Pickles, Pickled Morello Cherries, Pickled Walnuts and the Kasundi in mild, medium and hot varieties.

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