Bakery treats for your pooch

Capital Region Farmers Market Stallholder: Pupcake Bakery. Packaged biscuits and treats for dogsDo you have a pet pooch? If you do, you’re likely to be one of the many dog owners who treat your furry friends to an outing at the Markets’ Bicentennial Park each Saturday. Now there is even more reason for your pup to be excited – homemade pet treats from the Pupcake Bakery – they’ll have your pooch barking for more!

The Pupcake Bakery is a Canberra owned and operated natural dog treat company that specialise in homemade dog treats. Made with dog friendly ingredients, their range is free of any nasties like added sugar, salt and preservatives. And boy do they have a range of products to satisfy the fussiest of eaters (as well as those that can’t help but scoff their treats down)!

There are meaty treats, seafood treats, baked treats and even vegetarian treats! Go on, spoil your fur baby with a homemade bag of goodies from the Pupcake Bakery. They won’t be disappointed.

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